Channel Strategy Consultation and Expert Witness Services

The Field Guide to Channel Strategy is the basis for understanding how to build and manage your routes to market.

You can contact Sandy or Anne to ask about custom courses and consulting that help bring the book’s tools to life in your specific context, and expert witness services on channels-related topics.


Many channel strategies are built like wood towers, whose blocks are like the many pieces of your strategy. Those pieces include your choice of partners, a pricing program, channel promotions, and the contributions of a variety of intermediaries. Over time, the channel strategist may change the structure, just like taking out a piece of a wood tower and moving it elsewhere, or removing it altogether. Partners may be, dropped, replaced or added, routes may be subtracted or extended, and new programs may be added to the mix.

While the structure may be surprisingly robust, is it the strongest or most efficient use of the pieces within? How long will it be before removing a block causes the tower to collapse? In the same way, all channel strategies, while made of an array of similar building blocks, come with varying tradeoffs. What is the impact of these tradeoffs and what can the structure afford – or not? Just as with a wood block tower, growing and maintaining a channel structure over time requires skill, strategy, and often, a delicate hand. We can help you manage this process.